Frosted EVA Zipper bag

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Material : PE or EVA

Thickness : 0.12 to 0.2mm

Standard Size:

1) 100mm x 150mm (ID card)   
     weight : 260gsm to 340gsm for 100pcs

2) 140mm x 200mm (face mask, handphone case, stocking)
    weight : 400gsm to 600gsm for 100pcs

3) 170mm x 250mm (cosmetic, underwear)  
     weight : 600gsm to 850gsm for 100pcs

4) 200mm x 280mm (underwear)   
    weight : 800gsm to 1100gsm for 100pcs

5) 200mm x 300mm (towel)  
     weight : 820gsm to 1200gsm for 100pcs

6) 250mm x 300mm (A4 document)  
     weight : 1000gsm to 1480gsm for 100pcs

7) 250mm x 350mm (shoe, jeans)  
     weight : 1200gsm to 1740gsm for 100pcs

8) 280mm x 360mm (Cardigans, thin underwear suits)  
     weight : 1350gsm to 1920gsm for 100pcs

9) 280mm x 400mm (Autumn and winter trousers, dresses)  
     weight : 2180gsm for 100pcs

10) 300mm x 400mm (Knitwear, thin sweaters, spring and autumn clothes)   
       weight : 1600gsm to 2360gsm for 100pcs
11) 350mm x 450mm (Home suits, thick sweaters, sportswear)  
      weight : 2050gsm to 2920gsm for 100pcs

12) 380mm x 460mm (Windbreaker, warm coat, down jacket)
       weight : 3400gsm for 100pcs

13) 400mm x 500mm (Winter coats, large clothes, pillows)
      weight : 2400gsm to 3820gsm for 100pcs

14) 420mm x 520mm (Down coats)
      weight : 4100gsm for 100pcs

15) 400mm x 600mm (Quilts, coral fleece suits)
      weight : 4540gsm for 100pcs

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